While the growth in mobile seems obvious, some context of how pervasive and global mobile has become is useful. No media has grown as fast or touches as many people.

Mobile devices in use now approximate the population of the World!  The majority of these devices can access the internet.  A recent presentation by Tomi Ahonen (here) helps put all this in context in terms of scale and the evolving ways people are using the devices to inform, entertain and market to consumers worldwide.

global media LT growth 5-18-13

comScore has also recently published the following slide in the analysis of 1st quarter e-commerce.  Smartphone and tablet minutes will easily cruse past desktop minutes soon.  If you want to interact with consumers you MUST have a mobile strategy.

Internetusage by min by device 5-18-13

To give you a sense of what is at stake – there are global industries with $6 trillion in aggregate value that will see a majority of their business migrate to mobile – think news, music, gaming and sooner than you may think – banking, insurance, credit etc.  We believe that mobile is critical to infusing growth into our portfolio.  We evaluate multiple first and second derivative opportunities to leverage that growth.  Jeb B. Terry, Sr. May 18, 2013

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