We are furiously using smartphones – indispensable, useful and distracting

The recent tome by Mary Meeker of KPCB – Internet Trends – presented last week (here) at the AllThingsDigital conference was full of nuggets on the fantastic growth of internet and mobile usage and commercial ramifications.  One provocative notion was that smartphone users perform some function on their devices 150X per day! It has been pointed out that there isn’t hard data to support that level of continuous usage but the anecdotal evidence supports the central point that smart devices (include tablets) are the most pervasively used devices – EVER. The implications of her presentation threaten the dominance of TV’s as the #1 video display (and information/news/ad medium) and confirm the continuing boom in demand for wireless bandwidth as mobile internet traffic exceeds everyone’s wildest expectations.  It is no surprise why we remain heavily invested in all things related to mobile.  Jeb B. Terry, Sr. June 5, 2013

Smartphones used 150times per day 6-5-13

Web and Mobile minutes vs TV 12-2012

Mobile traffic trnd chart - Meeker 5-29-13

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