Waiting for the “All Clear” Signal


  •  In the long run . . . it’s remarkably good
  •  People . . . Employment picking up. We remain in a sweet spot
  •  Productivity . . . Profits are strong and will get even stronger
  •  Capital . . . We are awash in liquidity, under loaned & under invested
  •  Consumers have the capacity to spend and invest
  •  Stocks are cheap
  •  Interest rates and high frequency data signal a sustainable recovery
  •  Housing will be a wind at our backs
  •  There is a Mobile Revolution going on
  •  Big government is the biggest risk

If you look past the ongoing political theatre and the soft patch we are experiencing due to last year’s panic to cash in Q3 (triggered a “tightening” impact) equities and the economy look more than “just fine”.  See full report here http://bit.ly/HVT5lX

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