US Mobile Ad Spending Jumps to $4 Billion this year, eMarketer says it will be over $7 billion in 2013 – “nice”

Here is what eMarketer had to say today . . .

US mobile ad spending is growing faster than previously expected,  . . . eMarketer expects overall spending on mobile advertising in the US, including display, search and messaging-based ads served to mobile phones and tablets, to rise 180% this year to top $4 billion. eMarketer’s previous forecast, made in September 2012, was for substantially slower growth of 80%, to just $2.61 billion. Now eMarketer expects US mobile ad spending to reach $7.19 billion next year and nearly $21 billion by 2016, a significant upward revision. 

You can see why we are invested in the space and are looking for more.  Jeb B Terry, Sr. Dec 17, 2012

More mobile ad spending 12-17-12

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