There is a video tsunami hitting the web

Video is becoming the main type of data transferred over the internet.  Increasingly online video is being streamed onto mainstream TV screens.  A recent report by eMarketer entitled “US Online Ad Spending: The Floodgates are Open” includes the following statements made by Cisco in June:  “By 2012 internet video will account for over 50% of consumer internet traffic”, “Internet video streamed to TV tripled in 2010”.  Along with the increase in video traffic is dramatic growth in online video ad spending.  The table below is excerpted from the eMarketer report and displays multiple estimates for the growth in online video ad spending out to 2015.  Suffice to say that an investor would benefit from being exposed to a market that is expected to triple by 2015.   Jeb Terry, Sr. July 7, 2011

Source: eMarketer

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