The Mobile Internet growth is similar to the fixed line Internet growth in the late 90’s

The growth in mobile data usage since the advent of the smartphone in 2007 has been “staggering” according to one industry pundit.  It has caught the cellular providers on their heels. The growth is a mixed blessing – they make more money on their data plans but the traffic surge has overwhelmed their networks.  They are scrambling to find ways to alleviate the exhaustion of their wireless spectrum.  They are experimenting with new pricing plans and data use throttles to encourage customers to use less data – and of course irritating the customers.  The new products coming to market – such as the new iPad are even more data use intensive.  They are looking at multiple solutions as spectrum is just not available.  We are in a period of rabid cellular infrastructure spending not unlike the spending in telecom that took place in the late 90’s.    Jeb Terry, Sr. March 28, 2012

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