The Jury is in – Mobile will be the primary tool for global internet access. 93% of the World’s population has a cell phone or knows someone with a cell phone.

Recent data released by the International Telecommunication Union has revealed just how dominant the mobile internet is becoming.  Over 2 billion people can now access the internet by a mobile device.  Mobile internet access has reached this level of penetration in less than half the time it took wired internet users to reach the same level.  Mobile internet users should exceed wired / desktop users sometime in 2014/2015.  The coming onslaught of inexpensive smartphones will likely quicken the rate of growth.  93% of the World’s population already has a cell phone.  The implication is that the 4.7 billion people who have a cell phone today but can’t yet access the internet will get a smartphone within as soon as 3 years.  If that happens – there will be over 1 billion smartphones sold each year.  It doesn’t require much imagination to know that the markets for gadgets, apps, games and wireless infrastructure are poised for a continued robust surge.  And that would be a good thing for the Aberdeen portfolio –eh? Jeb B. Terry, Sr. July 5, 2013

mobile internet growth world cell phone penetration 7-2013

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