Tablets are being rapidly adopted – faster than smartphones and mostly by consumers. Expect enterprise adoption to accelerate.

According to Pew Research, (see report here) a third (34%) of American adults ages 18 and older own a tablet computer like an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, or Kindle Fire—almost twice as many as the 18% who owned a tablet a year ago.  In May 2010, just 3% of adults said they owned a tablet computer.  It is important to note that 56% of households with $75k+ in annual income already have a tablet.  Deep penetration of upper income households suggests to me we will see more content and ad spend addressing the tablet form factor.  It also suggests we will not have to wait long until we see significant price discounting to push adoption by lower income brackets as well as in emerging markets.  Businesses are lagging in adoption.  Expect much more business adoption as apps and tablet models are developed to address enterprise caliber specs and needs. The annual number of tablets being sold already exceeds the number of PCs being sold.  The purchasing by businesses is rising.  The following chart displays Forrester’s estimated growth in tablet sales.  It was prepared in early 2012.  Actual tablet sales are already nearing a 250 million unit annual run rate.  Aberdeen is focused on the rise in business grade tablet hardware and software.  Jeb B. Terry, Sr. Sept. 2, 2013

Tablet unit sales forecast Forrester 5-2012

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