Tablets and smartphones continue to grow like crazy. More hardware = more software.

Gartner recently updated their estimates for worldwide computing / connected devices and to no ones’ surprise tablet shipments are expected to grow by 70% to 197 million units this year.  That is mind boggling in light of their only being launched in 2010,  Tablets are expected to exceed PC unit sales by 2017.  Smartphone shipments are expected to approach 1 billion units this year and exceed “dumb” phones for the first time.  The upshot of all this is there will be increasing demand for wireless bandwidth – expecially WiFi – and the surge in all manner of wireless apps – games and commerce – will likely continue.  This is all good for companies that enable what is scarce – i.e. bandwidth for wireless data – for for what is productive and cool – i.e. wireless software and services.  Aberdeen is highly focused on those kinds of companies.  Jeb B. Terry Sr. April 11, 2013

Gartner computing devices table 3-28-13

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