Tablet sales are booming and are set to continue to boom in 2012. One in three online consumers will be using a tablet by 2014 . . .

Game changer, transformational, these are a couple of the descriptors for the tablet computer phenomena.  eMarketer predicts there will be 55 million tablet users a year from now.  We already know that Apple and Amazon are each currently selling in the order of 1 million tablets and e-readers (i.e. Kindles) – per week.  It is not a stretch to project there will be well over 55 million tablets by the end of 2012.  Keep in mind that tablet users watch far more video than other internet users.  Tablet users are estimated to use 5X MORE bandwidth than a typical smartphone user.  Consequently 55 million tablets is equivalent to 275 million smartphone users.  There are only estimated to be 107 million smartphone users by the end of 2012.  YIKES – that’s a lot of bandwidth demand!  Aberdeen is deeply involved in companies that both enable and benefit from this escalating trend.  Jeb Terry, Sr. Dec 16, 2011

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