Tablet computing is already big but getting even bigger than you might think . . .

BI Intelligence, a service of Business Insider, recently forecasted that tablet sales, such as iPads, Kindle Fires and e-readers, will hit 481 million units by 2015, becoming a more than $100 billion market.  As they said, “That’s enormous growth” . . . Well Duh!  

Here are some factoids to wrap around that outlook . . . Tablets are the fastest adopted consumer electronics device – EVER.  1 tablet = 3.4 smartphones in terms of traffic consumed.  2011 mobile data traffic per tablet was 517MB per month.  There were 34 mm tablets connected to the internet in the US last year and video was over 50% of all mobile traffic.  According to Cisco, mobile connected tablets will generate almost as much traffic in 2016 as the entire global mobile network in 2012. 

Why is BI Intelligence so bullish on tablets? They think they’re going to replace PCs for most tasks. They go on to say that consumers love them, they are making inroads in enterprise and education, and they will “blow up” (i.e. be ubiquitously used) in emerging markets.  We agree.  Tablets are revolutionizing the way video content is consumed and the way people interact on the web.  And what about the beneficiaries?  Think of course hardware but also cloud services including data storage, “big data” processing, SaaS providers, mobile ad technology vendors, digital video software and services, etc.   Jeb Terry, Sr. February 14, 2012

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