Should you be worried about an overheated IPO calendar or tech company valuations? . . . Nah!

The number of tech IPOs is a fraction of the number of IPOs brought to market in the 90’s. The market for IPOs should be viewed as recovering but certainly not frothy. As can be seen in the second chart, the number of public companies in the U.S. has declined 59% since 1997. The economy needs new company formation. Aberdeen focuses on young companies typically only a few years past their IPO. We are active investors in technology IPOs. Jeb B Terry, Sr. June 15, 2014

Hist Tech IPOs MM KPCB 6-13-14

Declining number of US public companies 6-13-14

Tech companies provide growth to the economy. The tech sector as a percentage of the total market value is a fraction of what it was in 2000

tech share of market value MM KPCB 6-13-14

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