Online ad spending continues to rock – growing 4.6X faster than the economy

The recent report by the IAB (here) and PwC shows an acceleration in online and mobile ad spending.  Total 2012 saw 15% growth.  Mobile ad spending grew 111% in 2012.  The ground continues to shift un the ad world as online ad spending hit $10+ billion in 4Q12 and $9.6 billion in 1Q 13, up 15.6% over 2012.  This growth is in sharp contrast to nominal GDP growth of 3.4% in 1Q 13.  As a partner at PwC mentioned . . . “As smartphones get smarter, cellular networks get faster and user penetration of smart devices increases, the combination of personalization and location will have tremendous appeal to marketers.”  We remain focused on businesses that benefit from the online ad spending growth.  Jeb B. Terry, Sr June 5, 2013.

online ad spending growth 4Q12

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