Nearly U.S. 100 Million Households will be Online By ’16, Mobile Ads To Grow 60% this year.

A recent article on (here) highlighted elements of the most recent forecast by Magna Global (Interpublic Group).  Nearly 100 million households will be online by 2016 and 98.5% of them will have broadband access.  That will be up from 84.7 million households as of 2010 with 90% having broadband access.  Of great interest to me was the updated forecast from January.  Magna Global now estimates that total U.S. advertising sales will increase only 1.8% in 2011 vs. 3.2% last year. BUT . . . online media spending will grow by 18.7% this year – well up from the earlier forecast for 11.6%.  The show stopper forecast is for mobile advertising to grow by 60.1%.  Aberdeen has multiple exposures to online media spending in general and mobile advertising in particular.

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