More evidence of improving economic conditions – mostly below peak levels – Small business optimism rising, sales outlook rising and employment intentions rising.

The small business optimism is the best since 2007 but still far below the peak levels. As optimism rises so does sales expectations. This is somewhat self fulfilling – the more optimistic businessmen are the more they spend on marketing which helps drive more sales. In addition, as is clear in the 3rd chart below, small businesses are expecting to hire more. This is all good. The economy should finish 2014 stronger than expected. Bring it on! Hopefully people will want to buy more high beta stocks – like those held by Aberdeen. Jeb B Terry, Sr. June 15, 2014

NFIB smal bix optimism 6-13-14

NFIB small biz sales expectations 6-13-14

NFIB small biz employment measures 6-13-14

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