Mobile data traffic will increase 39X from 2009 to 2014

Cisco presented the following chart at the Content Delivery Summit in NYC last week.  The outlook is there will be over 3.5 exabytes of mobile data traffic per month in 2014.  An exabyte refers to 1 billion gigabytes.  Cisco stated that 1 exabyte is equal to all the printed material in the world – Yikes!  The implications are there will have to be “the Mother of all wireless bandwidth build out” to accommodate the growth – and, expect lots of new apps, and advertising, and subscribed content, and location based services, and other mobile based businesses we haven’t thought of.  No wonder why we at Aberdeen spend so much time evaluating mobile related companies  -eh?   Jeb Terry, Sr. May 20, 2011

Source: Cisco

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