iPhones and iPads jack up Apple’s Q2 growth, beat estimates, point to accelerated growth in mobile data traffic.

Silicon Alley Insider (here) posted the following chart today illustrating the explosive growth in Apple’s revenue by product. They noted . . . “The iPad is already the second biggest part of Apple’s business as measured by revenue after less than two years on the market. In the June quarter, the iPad generated $6 billion in revenue versus the Mac which generated $5 billion.  The real story for Apple continues to be the iPhone which did $13.3 billion in sales for the quarter. The iPhone and iPad are now 66% of Apple’s sales.”  More iPhones and iPads = more mobile data traffic = more mobile advertising = more mobile commerce . . . and of course, increased need to offload the mobile data traffic onto WiFi networks.  You can be sure Aberdeen remains focused on these developments.   Jeb Terry, Sr. July 19, 2011

Source: Silicon Alley Insider

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