Here comes the Industrial Internet – the combination of networks and machines

Many of you know that we at Aberdeen have been following and investing in the machine to machine concept (“M2M”) of the “internet of things” for many years.  GE recently published an informative report that attempts to add metrics to many of the concepts embodied in the grand notion of an always on, always connected fabric of people and machines.  The intersection of Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law is enabling cloud computing models that were barely imaginable only a few years ago.  All of us will become connected participants and beneficiaries of these developments.  The opportunities for investing may increasingly resemble the late 1990’s if the patterns of adoption and productivity gains described in the report play out according to the authors’ model.  I have posted a copy of the report published in November on our “Brain Food” tab (here).  I have also included below a key graphic from the report and a link to the GE blog that summarizes the findings (here).  Jeb B Terry, Sr. Feb. 189, 2013

Industril Internet GE 11-26-13 

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