Don’t be misled by March employment report – Q1 saw more jobs added than in over 20 years

The financial media will be buzzing over the apparent slow down in new jobs reported from the Establishment Survey by the BLS.  If one looks at the job gains for the 1st quarter as measured by the Household Survey, from which the BLS calculates the unemployment rate, you will see a VERY DIFFERENT picture.  The Household Survey captures more of the small business job growth.  It shows us that Q1 had more new jobs than any quarter going back to the late 80’s.  Make no mistake – March was the weakest month in the quarter and actually saw a very slight decline in the number of employees.  Nevertheless – one month in a very noisy data series does not mean the trend has shifted.  Have a look at the following chart and make your own conclusion. By the way – our little tech companies are hiring.  Jeb B Terry, Sr. April 6, 2012

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