Can you spell B-O-O-M? As in oil and gas boom in the U.S. This is a story of massive productivity gains driven by technological innovation.

The growth in U.S. oil and gas product has been stunning.  The increase in production has been the most seen in decades.  It was entirely unforeseen and is a direct result of new extraction TECHNOLOGY.  Geologists have known of the location and approximate size of the reserves.  The exact location and the size have been greatly aided by Moore’s Law effects on 3D seismic and other “big data” driven analytics but we knew where big reserves where.  We just didn’t have an economical way to produce the hydrocarbons – until only recently – and it’s not just about fracking – a technique that has been in use for decades.  It’s about horizontal drilling.  Horizontal drilling has turned the oil industry into an “excavation” business instead of an “exploration” business.  The U.S. is the global leader in the new wave of oil and gas production.  Expect the O&G industry to continue to drive technology innovation for many of our themes in cloud computing, machine to machine computing, robotics and wireless communications.  Jeb B. Terry, Sr. July 3, 2013

oil and gas production US June 2013

Mark Perry has great charts and comments on the oil and gas boom on his website here.

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