Another measure points to improving economy – reaching a “tipping point” in American’s sentiment about financial security.

Bankrate’s Financial Security Index (here) is the strongest since the index was started in 2010.  The index is up 5 months in a row.  It comports with other measures of consumer confidence.  Rising confidence can lead to rising housing activity, rising retail activity and rising stock market investment activity – it’s all good . . . and all early.  The index is at a “tipping point” according to Bankrate.  They indicated it is at 99.9 but needs to break above 100 to show that Americans feel on the whole that their financial security is indeed growing stronger.  So while index is improving i.e. Americans are feeling LESS financially insecure, it does not yet mean we are anywhere near a peak in sentiment or in economic activity – this too is “all good”.  Much more to come.  Jeb Terry, Sr. April 23, 2012

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