An Avalanche of tablet computers is on the way. Apple, Microsoft and Google will all be launching new tablets over next two weeks just in time for the holiday season. Think more wireless video, More mobile ads, More m-commerce.

The boom in mobile is about to get even “boomier”.  The tablet computer market is entering the phase when tablets are “sold” instead of “bought”.  This happens at the base of the “S” curve for technology adoption.  Large, sophisticated and wealthy marketers – i.e. Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon – are unleashing prime time marketing campaigns designed to sell a range of products addressing multiple user segments and price points – there will be an affordable tablet for every household.  In the process, all manner of content will become digitized to be consumed on the new always near portable screens.  The following chart from Pew Research displays the already rapid cannibalization of radio and print news channels by online news . . . this cannibalization is about to go into hyper drive.  We all know that ad money follows eyeballs.  It is rational to expect a similar chart scenario will begin to play out for ad spending . . . and yes – we are very much exposed to the growth in online –and particularly mobile/wireless – ad spending.  Jeb Terry, Sr. October 22, 2012

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