Aberdeen Announces Collaboration Agreement With Research 2.0

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Aberdeen Investment Management, Inc. Collaborates With Research 2.0

Aberdeen Investment Management, Inc. (AIM), is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with Research 2.0, a next generation technology research firm based in Boston, to provide research services to AIM on publicly-traded, emerging technology companies.  AIM has been providing advice to high net worth clients on micro cap, emerging technology companies since 2003.

Research 2.0 brings decades of experience in evaluating both public and private technology enterprises.  Their founder and Director of Research, Kris Tuttle, formerly ran a 70 person research organization for Soundview Technology Group, which has been described as the leading technology research boutique on Wall Street during the late 1990’s.  Kris also previously served as Director of Research for Adams Harkness & Hill, a well regarded Boston-based regional broker dealer, prior to its acquisition by Canaccord Capital.  He brings particular expertise and knowledge in software businesses.

Steve Waite, head of Strategy for Research 2.0, was a co-founder of a multi-billion dollar investment management firm, Trilogy Advisers.  Steve has managed a number of long-only technology and global equity portfolios.  He is a noted author of two books on investing, and has extensive experience on both the buy and sell side of Wall Street, having worked with several firms including Morgan Stanley, The Capital Group, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse Asset Management/BEA Associates.

AIM’s President, Jeb Terry, stated “the collaboration with Research 2.0 will allow AIM to expand the depth and reach of its technology research that will incorporate the best ideas generated by Research 2.0.”  Research 2.0’s research approach and coverage compliments AIM’s core micro cap, emerging technology focus, and will expose AIM to larger market cap opportunities.

AIM and Research 2.0 each believe the correct strategy to capture optimal upside is one of long term investment predicated on a thorough investigation of the target investment’s business model, addressable market, competitive strengths and weaknesses and intellectual property.  AIM’s present strategy and micro cap focus recommends relatively concentrated investments to maximize returns with minimal turnover and without the use of leverage. In addition, Research 2.0’s resources will bring further diversification of AIM’s investment process with a focus on larger cap technology companies who are strategically well-positioned with global operations benefiting from many of the same waves of technology innovation that are central to the AIM portfolio.

Interested parties can learn more about AIM’s emerging technology practice at their web site at www.aberdeeninvestment.com .  They can contact Jeb Terry, President, via email at jbtsr@aberdeeninvestment.com  or by phone at (214) 347-9114. 

More information on Research 2.0 can be found at their web site: www.research2zero.com . Their principals can be reached by e-mail and telephone as follows:

Kris Tuttle        kris@research2zero.com          617-828-6462

Steve Waite      steve@research2zero.com        203-537-0263