A Picture worth a 1,000 words – Mobile data traffic is surging

I have written in the past about the outlook for growth in mobile data traffic (see my earlier post here) where I noted Cisco has stated data traffic will increase 39X from 2009 to 2014.  Here is a chart of the growth in data traffic on mobile devices in the US since the beginning of 2007 – the date Apple launched the iPhone – prepared by Chetan Sharma.  It’s no wonder the AT&T and Verizon are capping the data plans of smartphone users – they are unable to deal with the traffic on their so called “3G” / “4G” networks.  There are multiple takeaways from the chart and the data . . . 1) The carriers have to find a way to offload data traffic from their networks and the most logical way appears to be to push it to WiFi networks, 2) the increase in traffic is symptomatic of the growth in internet engagement on mobile devices which translates into the explosion in mobile commerce in general and mobile advertising in particular.  Aberdeen is intensely focused in the investment implications of these two takeaway points.  Jeb Terry, Sr. July 10, 2011

Source: www.chetansharma.com

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