INTERNET TRENDS: Meeker presents at All Things Digital Conference May 30-2012

| May 30, 2012

I have gone through all 112 slides of Ms. Meeker’s presentation and selected 10 that seemed to be the most important.  The pdf file, Meeker INTERNET TRENDS May 2012 – Selected Charts JBTSR, incorporates those slides and my comments.  I encourage you to read my edited slide collection.  If you have time, the link to the entire […]

Rising home prices and declining supply of homes for sale = more “wind at our back” – the housing “drag” is morphing into a housing “push” for the economy

| May 26, 2012

Multiple measures of home prices are showing firming instead of weakening.  The following chart from Capital Economics displays pricing change vs. months’ supply of homes for sale which is now the lowest since 2006-2007.  We are finding ways to expose our portfolio to the adoption of SaaS technology solutions to the complex needs for the […]

When everyone is worried about a crash – Don’t be

| May 25, 2012

Birinyi Assoc. reviewed the effectiveness of the Yale School of Management “Crash Confidence” Index measuring the percentage of institutions that saw less than a 10% chance of a market crash in the next 6 months.  Fortunately, Birinyi’s findings are that the indicator is a pretty decent contrary indicator.  The S&P 500 has on average been […]

Everyone sick and tired of hearing about Greece and Euro crisis raise your hand

| May 25, 2012

Credit demand is beginning to recover. Rising loan demand is strongest in over 10 years.

| May 6, 2012

Credit demand is critical to economic expansion and is the best expression of consumer and business confidence and credit demand is rising for consumer, mortgage and business loans.  The percentage of banks reporting increasing loan demand is the strongest in over 10 years.  These charts are courtesy of Capital Economics.  Jeb Terry, Sr. May 6, […]

M1 still rising, cash hoarding inconsistent with a market or economic top.

| May 6, 2012

My update of monetary aggregates shows money is still flowing into insured checking accounts at an elevated rate.  M1 has grown by 18.7% in the last 12 months.  The average 12 month growth rate since 1970 is 5.4%!  Consider M1 as the raw material for bank loans and consumer spending.  High M1 growth is consistent […]

No worries over the ISM surveys for April – Manufacturing squiggled up, Non-manufacturing squiggled down – situation normal, no obvious trend change.

| May 6, 2012

The ISM surveys still indicate an expanding economy.  A score above 50 means business expansion.  A score below means contraction.  These are surveys, not hard production data and hence can be bumpy.  My take is the economy is still sorting through the lagged tightening impact of the panic into cash in Q3 last year.  Jeb […]