Market Commentary: June 21, 2010

| June 21, 2010

Now that we have had a 15% correction in the NASDAQ – what’s next? The NASDAQ peaked on April 23 after 8 weeks of consecutive gains.  It has apparently bottomed on June 9.  I made note in April that extended strings of up weeks were generally precursors to even more movement to the upside punctuated […]

Aberdeen Announces Collaboration Agreement With Research 2.0

| June 8, 2010

Aberdeen Investment Management, Inc. Collaborates With Research 2.0 Aberdeen Investment Management, Inc. (AIM), is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with Research 2.0, a next generation technology research firm based in Boston, to provide research services to AIM on publicly-traded, emerging technology companies.  AIM has been providing advice to high net worth […]

Flash: It Rarely Get’s More Obvious Than This 6-3-10

| June 3, 2010

Several indicators are pointing to a near term recovery from the recent market correction. For example . . .  The retail money has yanked money from equity mutual funds.  The following chart from BofA Merrill Lynch shows they fled equities at a rate never seen before except at the panic points of Oct/Nov 2008 and […]