Market Commentary – July 27, 2009

| July 26, 2009

General Market Comment: July 27, 2009 The market’s recent climb has had many causal factors. One of those factors is the improving outlook for earnings. The improvement in July has been sharply upward as is clear in the following chart from Thomson Reuters as of July 27. You don’t need me to translate this move […]

Mid Year 2009 Market and Economic Outlook

| July 23, 2009

Was “THE” Bottom Set in March? . . . Is the Market Clear to Go Higher? After setting a panic low in March, the S&P 500 has had a furious recovery of 39%.  Have we seen the final low?  Is it safe to reinvest?  What is the Upside?   S&P 500: Down 57% from 2007 […]

Market Commentary – July 20, 2009

| July 20, 2009

General Market Comment: July 20, 2009 I am presently nearing completion on a comprehensive market and economic chart stack and consequently I am abbreviating the usual market comment this week. The earnings season has not disappointed so far and the economic indicators continue to suggest the recovery is under way. There is plenty for fundamental […]

Market Commentary – July 13, 2009

| July 14, 2009

General Market Comment:    July 13, 2009  There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the “weaker than expected” labor numbers for June reported July 2.  The assorted punditry have been debating if the economy is getting weaker, if we all need more “stimulus” from Washington, if the terrific Q2 stock market performance was unsustainable  […]