41 Million viewers and growing. The mobile audience will move toward the 280 million that watch traditional TV.

As fast as mobile video consumption is growing, we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.  Cisco has provided multiple estimates of surging mobile video traffic.  Traffic is expected to grow 110% this year.

Mobile video traffic surge 5-18-13

Video is the predominant source of mobile traffic.  It explains why mobile carriers are scrambling to add capacity. 

Video majority of mobile traffic 5-18-13

Consumers are increasingly engaged with their mobile devices as they are watching TV.  The day is coming – sooner than you may think – when the “TV” is just another internet connected monitor that consumers use to “watch” but the content will be controlled and augmented by a wireless handheld device – e.g. tablet.  Consumers will also increasingly be encouraged to view videos on the fly – away from the couch in front of a “TV”.  There will be winners and losers in this shift.  Jeb B. Terry, Sr May 18, 2013

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